PTO Minutes 8-23-17

Eaton Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes (Public Meeting)

August 23, 2017 5:00 PM

Attendees:  Scott Blakely, Kristy Burns, Amanda Chester, Suzie Crabtree, Adrienne Fisher, Susie Haggard, Olivia Manor and Julie Marshall.

Financial Report

Susie provided the Treasurer’s report.  Current ending balance as of 8/23/17: $11,822.36

Scott indicated that some upcoming expenses will include: 100 Camp Tecumseh shirts (estimated cost $450) and the payment for Camp Tecumseh.   

Open House

Scott opened the meeting with a thank you to the PTO for their participation in the Open House /Meet the Teacher night.   

Supplies purchased for this activity by the PTO included: 300 hotdogs, 300 buns, ketchup/mustard and 300 individual bags of chips.  There were very few left overs.  We used the orange drink from McDonald’s that was left over from the prior school year.  Total cost for this activity was $267.43.


Susie Haggard nominated Amanda Chester to serve as the Treasurer for the 2017-2018 school year.   This nomination was unanimously approved by all in attendance.

TO DO:  

Susie, Olivia and Amanda will go to First Merchants to make changes to the authorized names on the checks.

Olivia and Amanda will discuss with First Merchants waiving/discounting the check handling fee since we were charged a $107 fee for processing checks after the Fall Pie fundraiser.   Possible contact person with First Merchants is Trent Fox.  

If First Merchants is not able to waive or discount the check handling fee, Olivia and Amanda will look into changing banks.

Fall Fundraiser

Wicks Pie fundraiser was a success last year.  The fundraiser ran from 9/26 until 10/17.  All in attendance agreed to sell Wicks Pies as the fundraiser this year.

Suggestions were discussed on how to improve the order form.

We also discussed whether or not to change the fundraiser to a different type of fundraiser.  We also discussed changing when the fundraiser is held (fall vs. spring).

There are no limits on the number of fundraisers that we are allowed to do.   

TO DO:  

Olivia will contact Wick’s and find out what would be our estimated pick-up date for pies.

PTO members will add to the order form provided by Wicks.   Order forms this year should include a space for the child’s name, teacher’s name and instructions on how parents should collect and turn in the money.  

Scott suggested selling mums in the fall or chocolate bunnies around Easter.   He will get the information about these fundraisers.

Fall Carnival

Discussion included whether or not to change the carnival from Fall to Spring.   It was determined that we will hold the carnival in the fall at this time.   

All in attendance agreed that holding the Fall Carnival the same week as the book fair contributed to the success of the book fair.   

Scott suggested that the PTO consider purchasing our own bounce house for school use.  All in attendance agreed that we rent bounce houses frequently throughout the school year and purchasing our own would be a good use of PTO funds.  Scott also suggested renting out the bounce house that we purchase to other schools as another way to raise funds.

Pro/con discussion of selling food at the carnival.   In previous years we have sold pulled pork meals (sandwiches, chips and drink).  The money we receive from food sales are not a significant part of the income from the carnival.

Suggestions/discussion about silent auction during Fall Carnival.   Scott suggested a “Teacher Experience” auction.  Examples include a movie with a teacher, music lesson for the student and parent with a teacher, etc.


Scott will find out when the book fair will be available for set up, as this will determine the date for the Fall Carnival.

Scott will get information about purchasing a bounce house (cost, etc).

Kristy will organize construction of a box tunnel.

Other Business

Parent/Teacher Conferences

All in attendance were in favor of purchasing fruit and veggie trays for the teachers during the parent teacher conference dates. (10/19 and 10/20).


Kristy volunteered to pick up and deliver these items.

PTO volunteer flier forms will be passed out during the parent teacher conferences again this year.  


Suzie will update the volunteer flier to include “clean-up” as a job parents can volunteer for.    

Next Meeting

To Be Determined. The next meeting will focus on planning for Fall Carnival and Fall Fundraiser.