PTO Minutes 11-19-18

PTO Meeting 11-19-2018

Attendees: Kristy Burns, Jaime Sieber, Kasey Hostetler, Adrienne Fisher, Mr. Blakely


Call to order

Wick’s Pies Fundraisers: We sold over 2600 pies.

  • Kristy will make another trip to Wick's to finish picking up some pies for some orders that were mixed up.

  • Sugar cream pie was our #1 seller

  • Jamie will pick up the gift cards from Wal-Mart

  • Looking to add some additional pies perhaps next year

We still need to set a date for prize distribution and also decided to do something small for Mrs. Cook's class who was the top seller.

For next year's pie fundraiser:

  • We will need to put pallets in order to more efficiently pass out pies and fulfill orders. Also, help will need to be better organized so that everyone is on the same page.

  • We need additional carts. This made distribution a lot easier.

  • We must also be finished filling pie orders by 2:30 pm so that people can pick up their pies at student pick-up.

  • Thus far no checks have been bad, but we will continue to count pies and money early like this year to give wiggle room.

Secret Santa: Date for Secret Santa is Dec. 13th and Dec 14th (half day on the 14th)

  • Set up will be Dec. 12th after school

  • Setting a limit of 15 items. Each item is $1

  • We need to get a schedule done up for teachers to sign up for both days

  • Bring in bags the day of for kids to shop

  • Organize help, we need volunteers

  • We will also organize helpers if someone needs to run for items on the day of

  • We will allow children to shop for themselves, but encourage shopping for others first.

Kristy will redo the flyer from last year for the event

Next Semester Events:

Carnival: Two possible dates for a spring carnival- April 5th or April 12th

Skating Parties: February 4th for skate party. We only need 62 skaters to break even.

Family Game Night: Rather than have a Father Daughter dance or Mother and Son bowling, we may do a family game night instead. We would have it one evening with pizza and games to bring the community together. It was brought up that several families in our area do not have both parents, and so it would be an event for everyone!

We will check pizza prices around, Kristy to also check Pizza Hut in Hartford City about pricing.

No Meeting for December