PTO Minutes 10-16-19

Eaton Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes October 16, 2019 5:00 p.m. Attendees: Kristy Burns, Brittany Kwoczalla, Hannah Drown, Ginger Dulworth, Shelly Kern 

______________________________________________________________________ Financial Report Kristy provided the Treasurer’s report. Current balance as of 10/16/19: $3,854.00 

______________________________________________________________________ October Skating Party We made roughly $217.00 from October’s skating party. Almost double from past parties. 

Brittany brought to our attention an event including many 2nd-5th grade boys that might interfere with the next skating party on February 5th. That date may need to be changed. 

______________________________________________________________________ Pie Day Pie pick up day will be November 22nd from 3-6. PTO will be able to use Mr. Blakely’s father’s truck and trailer to transport the pies again this year. Brittany will coordinate volunteers to arrive at 11:00 and begin sorting pies for pick up. 

______________________________________________________________________ Santa Shop -Santa Shop dates set for December 12-13, 2019 (Thurs. 8-2, Fri. 8-12) -Kristy will coordinate volunteers. -We can start adding items to a shopping list on -Brittany also mentioned bullseyes playground and clearance items at the Dollar General as other possible places to get items.Brittany will contact the manager at the Dollar General about the clearance items they are trying to clear out before Christmas. -Set up for the Santa Shop will be done on Wednesday night (December 11th). 

______________________________________________________________________ Possible Fundraiser Ideas Mrs. Watters talked to an employee at McAllister’s about hosting a fundraising night at the restaurant. Hannah will contact the restaurant to get more information and a night possibly set up. 

______________________________________________________________________ Communications We are working on solutions to fix the communication gap between the PTO and the EES staff. ______________________________________________________________________ Next meeting is set for Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 5:00 and will focus on the Winter Carnival.