PTO Minutes 8-22-18

PTO Meeting 8/22/2018

Attendees: Mr. Blakely, Kristy Burns, Jaime Sieber, Michelle Bell, Scott Crouse, Kasey Hostetler, Adrienne Fisher, Brittany Kwoczalla, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Marshall

Gibsons: Tom Sheridan gave a short presentation about the fees involved with skating parties for schools. We have done this in the past but have not done it for several years. PTO would pay $125 for renting the facility for 2 hours. We can set the fees for admission (he suggested $1-$2) and skate rental fee is $2.50.  Any money that we make over the $125 is profit for PTO. He gave us several dates that he still had open for this semester. We agreed to discuss this and get back with him on a date if we decide to do the skating party. After discussing, we think we should give it another try and chose October 3rd for this skating party. He also offered to give us skating passes for random events that we hold throughout the school year. We can make these parties open to the public which will ultimately bring in more money for us.

**Kristy will contact Tom to schedule the party for October 3rd

Olivia Manor will be stepping down as president of PTO and Amanda Chester will be stepping down from treasurer.

New officers were elected by popular vote

Officer Elections:

President: Kristy Burns

Vice President: Brittany Kwoczalla

Secretary: Kasey Hostetler

Treasurer: Jaime Sieber

Finances: We discussed moving to a new financial institution because of the fees that we have been charged. Jaime and Kristy will go to the Del Comm credit union to see what they can do for us.

Wick’s Pies Fundraisers:  We decided that we cannot make it a cash only fundraiser. We agreed that it may take away from potential sales. Wick’s needs 3 weeks notice before we can pickup the pies. We decided to keep checks in the fundraiser but we will have all money turned in a week early so we can allow all checks to clear before placing the order.

Dates for fundraiser:

September 26- order forms go home with students

October 16- return order forms to school. We will accept late forms for a few days

October 25- Place order for pies

November 15- pick up pies

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Last year, we decided that as a PTO, we would provide a few crock pot soups for October 18th.  PTO will purchase all extras for the soups. Soups will be donated by members of PTO. Soup should be ready and at the school by 3pm.

Kristy Burns- Tortilla soup

Adrienne Fisher-  Loaded baked potato soup

Jaime Sieber- Chili

Michelle Bell – Veggie Soup

Brittany Kwoczalla- Broccoli Cheddar Soup

**Brownies (2 dozen)

PTO will provide:

Sour cream

Shredded cheese





Possible expenses: Mr. Blakely requested that PTO sponsor ($50) for the del comm. Foundation golf outing

Mr. Blakely also requested $150 for purchasing of AR prizes for the students

Kristy will obtain financial info from Amanda Chester so that we can approve these requests.

Facebook page: Adrienne mentioned having a facebook page to announce PTO events and important dates for fundraisers. We all agree this is a good idea but Mr. Blakely wants us to make sure that it is a closed group, he is an administrator and can post on the page and the group is closed for comments. It is strictly for information. We all agreed that was a good idea. Kristy agreed to start this facebook group.

Action items

  • Jaime and Kristy will get financial stuff from Olivia and Amanda

  • Jaime and Kristy will also check out Del Comm Credit union

  • Kristy will nail down date with Tom Sheridan

  • Need a date to put together fundraiser packets

Next Meeting- September 19th at 5pm