First Grade

Students are expected to have good citizenship:
  • follow directions
  • accept responsibility
  • exercise self-control
  • respect authority
  • work independently
  • use time wisely
  • keep desk surroundings in order
  • bring necessary supplies to class
  • pay attention/participate in class discussions
Students learn many new skills in language arts:
  • learning consonant and vowel sounds
  • sounding out new words
  • understanding what they read
  • applying phonics skills
  • completing work independently
  • writing in complete sentences
  • reading and listening to a variety of literature
  • learning spelling words and taking weekly tests
  • writing creative stories
Students learn many new skills in math:
  • counting, reading, and writing numbers
  • adding and subtracting
  • counting money
  • telling time
  • problem-solving
  • making and reading graphs
  • measuring
  • fractions

Students learn science, social studies and health

  • Study of holidays
  • Study of the five senses, teeth, food and safety