Fourth Grade

Fourth grade at Eaton Elementary is an exciting place to be.  Every year students thoroughly enjoy the numerous novels specifically selected for the fourth grade curriculum.  Our 90-minute uninterrupted reading block is when students are actively engaged in The Daily 5 and CAFE reading activities and instruction.  These tools help us to individualize the reading curriculum. 

Another component of the customized curriculum is WIN Time. WIN is an acronym for "What I Need" Time.  Students are put into small groups and additional staff is brought in to assist.  Fourth grade students continue to practice their math facts using online resources, games, and weekly fact packets.

There are a few things that make fourth grade unique:

  • Indiana History is the basis of our social studies curriculum.
  • We visit the Indiana State Museum every fall.
  • We travel to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every spring.
  • Every year we conduct a science experiment using albino rats.

There are also many other extracurricular activities available and shared with the fifth grade:

  • Choir
  • Student Council
  • Spelling Bee
  • Math Bowl
  • Spell Bowl
  • Fitness Club

It is our goal to make fourth grade both exciting and rewarding. All fourth grade students can show their Eaton

          Personal Best